mike cardus leadership coaching

Managing across generations

The younger staff felt heard and respected; the experienced staff felt proud to share their experience and learn new techniques and ideas.

  1. Turnover of staff 35 and younger. Before Mike = 29%; After Mike = 4%
  2. Project teams that were led by staff 35 and younger. Before Mike = 35%; After Mike = 46%

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Retail operation

  1. Customer satisfaction improved from 3 to 4.5 (on a 5 point scale) over 1 year
  2. Increase of 8% in sales over a 3-month period
  3. Employees rating their manager as “Able to add value to my decision-making and problem-solving” increased from a 40% to 70% responding ‘yes’ to this question over 1 year
  4. Manager able to support underperforming staff in the following areas:
    1. 8% increase in sales – leading to higher wages
    2. Improvement in on-time, on-quality work from 23% to 68% – leading to faster access to data and financial information