Trust attracting or trust repelling organization?

  1. 86% of Policy and Procedures were re-written with Trust-Attracting in mind
  2. The company went from 5 to 3 layers of management (keeping all employees and pay at current levels); this led to more autonomy and visible trust to complete great work.
  3. Within 1 year, the number of sick days and calls off shifts decreased by 47%
  4. Within 18 months, turnover decreased from 23% to 14%

Employee Engagement

  1. A  re-evaluation of the employees showed the number of employees who were “Satisfied with their current work” increased from 64% to 76%, and “I can trust my manager and team” increased from 42% to 63%
  2. On-time, on-budget, there was an increase in quality work from 63% to  67% in 10 months.
  3. Development of 2 new profit streams generating $250,000 for the company, using existing staff and resources
  4. Increased utilization of the internal learning management system for employee learning and development from 21% to 62% over 2 years