A Solution-Focused Coaching Process

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SOLVED cards are built upon a philosophy called Solution-Focused.

The approach values simplicity in philosophy and language and aims to discover “what works” in a given situation, simply and practically. The focus on what’s wanted, what’s going well and practical progress leads to a positive and pragmatic way to work with organizations and individuals.

The value in this method is that by focusing on what you want the solution to be, as opposed to focusing on the problem, your energy and focus can be put into developing action steps toward the solution. The problem is known and acknowledged. The solution is found in examining what you know, what resources you have and need in order to solve your problems.

SOLVED Cards can be used for learning by an individual, in pairs for peer-to-peer training, and in a group setting for team building.

Additional Information

A deck of SOLVED CARDS includes 24 individual prompts to take you through various scenarios you’ll encounter in the workplace, which follow along with each stage of the acronym:

S – Situation
O – Observation
L – Level
V – Validation
E – Exception
D – Decision & Direction

Also included:

  • A comprehensive, step-by-step user manual that takes you through the philosophy of the cards to help you use them more effectively
  • 4 blank note cards for personal use during the exercises
  • 4 Contact Mike cards to share with anyone – and everyone – you feel can benefit from this solution-focused coaching

SOLVED CARDS come in a premium carrying box so you can take them wherever you go: Team meetings, offsite retreats or professional development trainings – there’s truly no shortage of opportunities to uncover the problem-solving and team-building techniques provided through Mike’s methodology.

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