team building & leadership expert Michael Cardus

 10 Sins of The Facilitator;
  1. Chooses which comments made by the team are worthy of being documented.
  2. Interprets or modifies the words spoken and records the “spin” on the input rather than documenting what is actually said.
  3. Has a bias towards one tool or technique, or creates the impression of a bias towards an idea or a team member.
  4. Permits digressions without interventions
  5. Permits ground rules to be broken with out intervention.
  6. Speaks emotionally charged words, or allows another member of the team to do so.
  7. Allows distrust and disrespect to occur between facilitator and the team, or between team members.
  8. Fails to create a sense of purpose regarding the teams goals or objectives.
  9. Ignores timekeeping or underestimates the amount of time needed to get the agenda item accomplished.
  10. Does the work for the team.

We have all been guilty of one or more of these. Facilitation is a skill that takes knowledge, practice and patience. Contact Mike and join the Train-The-Trainer workshop to master your facilitation skills.

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