Organization development stems from the belief that systems drive behaviors and that people within your organization all want to do their best work. The path to success is trust.

Organization Development Process

Mike’s focus is to find and increase what’s working and decrease what’s not working.

Together, we will work to bring your company to a greater level of success and prosperity. We gather data about the work and situation using a variety of methods. Then, we compare collected data against the areas of success and failure within your organization, allowing us to develop consulting, coaching, and workshops to accentuate what’s working well within the organization and minimize dysfunctional organizational challenges.

When challenges happen, the organization can absorb, learn, and evolve to increase what’s working and decrease what’s not.

Beyond processes, there’s an underlying cultural and interpersonal component that usually makes or breaks the success of organization development and engagement. That component is trust. Every action and decision has an impact on your organization’s trustworthiness.