Management Team Development

Management and executive teams have the power to develop an organization that can achieve strategic and organizational goals. Collectively, they control most of the conditions required for team effectiveness.

What is it?

An interactive management and executive team coaching and consulting process that looks at the organization’s goals, the top management team’s accountability, and the authority to accomplish those goals. Through this, Mike develops the management team into an actual team that can support the organization to enhance its great work, productivity, and profits.

Why does it matter?

A significant barrier for top management teams derives from them being organizationally positioned at the top. Top management teams suffer from limited to absent organizational context, work context, goals expected to be completed, and timeframes that create an ambiguous boundary of expectations for the team. With these loose boundaries, knowing who is a part of the top management team is often unclear to team members and employees.

What are the areas of focus?

While every team development process changes to meet your team where they are, the following focus areas are meant to share what will be accomplished and developed.

Each team member’s central area of accountability and authority is their functional area, making membership in the top management team an extra task. If the executive team is viewed as one of many competing demands, nobody feels the accountability or authority to create and sustain the team. Even though management team members provide great care and attention to teams they develop within their business units, individually and collectively, they neglect the most critical team – the senior management team.

Barriers to top management teams
  • Ambiguous boundaries
  • Tend to be the rule/process makers
  • Length of time to know if a decision was beneficial or damaging to the organization
Opportunities for top management teams
  • Limited to an absent organizational context
  • Self-designing
  • Influence overcritical conditions within the organization
  • Access to resources
  • Ability to change how work gets done

How will you make progress?

  1. The management team develops a capacity and interface plan to achieve the organization’s goals
  2. Processes to unite the management team
  3. Increased collaboration within the organization
  4. Talent pool and succession planning for the continued success of the organization
  5. Development of a management team process to determine what areas of the organization need resources and support
  6. A top leadership team that can make decisions and adjust to challenges or opportunities quickly

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