Team Communication and Collaboration

People on teams need to receive the necessary information to effectively complete their work.

What is it?

An interactive workshop focused on developing internal communication processes with lines of accountability and authority for communication, collaboration and getting work done. Also, it is a process to shorten time and frustration felt when gathering needed information and data to complete your work

Why does it matter?

People on teams need to receive information necessary to complete their work. They need to enhance their influence and persuasion skills internally within the team, as well as externally reaching out to other departments and managers who are needed to complete the team’s goals successfully.

What are the areas of focus?

    1. Identify and apply the “5 Ways to Influence People”
    2. Develop techniques to get the information you need from other people

How will you make progress?

  1. Gather information and resources from other team members, leading to knowledge of what works within the team
  2. Internal team building – the team will be able to communicate more effectively
  3. Identify obstacles, determine possible solutions, apply and test solutions, and share what was learned with the team

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