Leading Innovation

Competitive demands require quicker, more efficient, and innovative problem-solving.

What is it?

A consulting and coaching process that focuses on innovation and designing thought processes to support your leaders with a process and series of tools to enhance creative work, leading to innovative solutions and products.

Why does it matter?

Competitive demands require fast, effective, and innovative problem-solving. Problem solvers are needed to solve increasingly complex problems quickly, develop new processes, and design innovative products while reducing operating time and costs.

Creative thinking is a critical skill required by all people within their roles at work. Trial and error are how most problems are solved – the thinker creates an idea and determines if it will work. Not only is trial and error limited by personal knowledge, but thinking is also constrained by “stuckness” in how things are and how they should be.

What are the areas of focus?

While every innovation development process changes to meet your people and teams where they are, the following focus areas are meant to share what will be accomplished and developed.

  1. Creativity to Innovation
  2. Blocks to creativity and innovation using tools to release creativity and innovation
  3. Leading for change

How will you make progress?

  1. Diminished “stuckness” in your thinking
  2. An increased pace of problem-solving
  3. More practical discussions with others to help them think differently
  4. Increased use of existing resources and knowledge to innovate solutions

Make this strategy work for you

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