Organizational Capacity and Growth

Your organization will grow or wither based on the organizational system and your capacity to develop and sustain what works while eliminating what doesn’t work.

What is it?

Organizational capacity is like a bucket that holds water. Your required production and skilled knowledge are the buckets. The people, products, processes, and procedures are the water.

Is the water filling the bucket? Is it overflowing? Is it too low?

Why does it matter?

When organizations grow and change in complexity, their problems do not disappear – they increase. Understanding your current capacity and what issues are ‘normal vs. abnormal’ will enable you to build a process to fix what needs fixing, increase what is working, and decrease what is not working – leading to a robust, antifragile organization.

What are the areas of focus?

Through this process, we will identify where you have a deficit or excess capacity for growth within your organization and departments. From the identification, we understand the current challenges and opportunities needed for your organization to progress. We then develop a plan and progress steps to use the excess or deficit of capacity to make changes and sustainable operations to achieve the organization’s growth and longevity.

We focus on the following:

  1. The organization as a whole
  2. The departments within the organization
  3. The roles within the departments
  4. The people who fill those roles

How will you make progress?

  1. Knowledge of where you have excess and deficit capacity within your organization and departments
  2. A capacity-building plan that will provide operations and structure to grow your organization

Is this the strategy for your organization?

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