Strategic Planning and Implementation

You need to understand the needs, opportunities, strengths, and conditions of your current, plus external competitive environment to determine what you will need in the future.

What is it?

Strategic planning and implementation with Mike Cardus goes beyond the generic SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) that a select group of people completes within your organization. Mike’s research shows that SWOT with your internal staff, with their current knowledge, is no better than brainstorming. You end up with lots of speculation, hollow choices, the loudest voice wins, and a list of ‘action items’ that would have happened without the Strategic Plan.

Why does it matter?

Strategic planning and implementation are the foundation of your organization’s operations from today into the future. It is the process that identifies what is working to increase and what is not to decrease, then turns obstacles into opportunities shifting the odds of the current environment into future success, leading to enhanced returns on your investment in people, processes, and products.

Mike supports you in understanding your current environment’s needs, opportunities, strengths, and conditions and determining what you will need in the future.

What are the areas of focus?

Strategic Planning works with an intended 3 part focus: deliberate strategy – realized strategy; unrealized strategy – strategy not realized; emergent strategy – strategy that is not planned or intended and happens to emerge as the plan progresses.

  1. External analysis of similar companies.
  2. Internal analysis of operations, management, and organizational structure.
  3. Developing reports and information
  4. Development of a strategic implementation team
  5. A process to implement the strategic plan
  6. A visual (info-graphic-like) planning progress map to show updates and progress
  7. Developing an implementation process

How will you make progress?

Together we will create a strategy using data and feedback mechanisms to identify what’s working and not working, plus a process to implement your plan. This implementation is accomplished by ‘Making a Smarter Strategic Plan.’

Is this the strategy for your organization?

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