Supervisory Leadership Development

Supplying new and experienced supervisors with the tools they need to be successful.

What is it?

It is a development process that focuses on supplying new and experienced supervisors with the tools they need to be effective in their roles. Also, an active learning process that uses real examples and working situations allows for learning and application to supervising.

Why does it matter?

When promoted to a supervisory role, the person is often knowledgeable about the work’s technical requirements but lacks skill in people management and knowledge of the different tools required for the role.

Turnover reduces both profitability and morale. In a department with high turnover, the one constant is the supervisor. Ask yourself:

  1. How much am I spending on bringing new people in and training them?
  2. How much longer can I afford to let this continue?
  3. Am I prepared to handle this role?

What are the areas of focus?

While every leadership development process changes to meet your leaders where they are, the following focus areas are meant to share what will be accomplished and developed.

  1. The foundation of team leadership
  2. Systems that drive behavior
  3. Coaching and performance feedback

How will you make progress?

  1. The skilled knowledge to be a great supervisor.
  2. A process to support people to do their best work.
  3. A series of job aids and techniques that will make your supervisory work easier
  4. Increased time for you to work on improving the work system, leading to increased productivity of people and processes

Make this strategy work for you

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