Buffalo NY Leadership, Organization Development, Team Building expert Mike Cardus

What Mike believes.

Some consultants feel as if they are heroes called in to fix something broken; that is tragic – to treat people as broken when the teams, leaders, and people have done so much to get to where they are. Mike forms a partnership with all clients to accept where you are, listen to what’s working, and understand what isn’t to create a process with you to improve your company’s profitability.

He believes that all work he implements intends to help your organization by helping you.

Mike wants to help you and ensures the organization benefits just as much.

Working with Mike.

There are the essential elements that a consultant brings to the table: evaluation, analysis, and recommendation. However,

Mike is not your average consultant. Think of Mike as your partner for progress. Mike tailors and customizes his approach to support your organization, team, and you.

Mike follows a progress-focused process to develop a solution that best serves your current challenges, needs, and work.


Research and interviews uncover needs, opportunities, improvements, strengths, and exceptions to current challenges.

Progress Clues

Co-create areas of focus, to understand goals and desired outcomes.

Success Metrics

Identify what success and failure look like.

Custom Support

Design and implement the consulting, coaching and development.

Learning & Application

We find what’s working to increase and decrease what’s not working.


Action planning charts and maps to identify how to proceed.

Participant Accountability

Progress reviews to ensure that plans are working.

Our Accountability

Program outcomes evaluated against the success metrics.

Continued Support

Your organization, team, and leadership are dynamic, and the challenges you solved today will be different tomorrow. Mike offers continued support.

Why do you need Mike?

You are reading this for a reason. You may have a gut feeling that things have veered off course for you, your team, or your organization. Or, you are finding that the day-to-day challenges of leadership are becoming overwhelming, and you are ready to make a change. Perhaps, what was working for your organization, team, or leadership is starting to show signs of failure and fatigue, calling for a transition to something different.   

Whatever the reason, you know you need a boost and refuse to settle for the ordinary. Bring Mike in for a chat, and you will immediately see the door opening for a trusting partnership that will take your organization, your team, and you to the next level.

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Skills Training and Certification

  • Leadership Development Program: Center for Creative Leadership; Greensboro, NC
  • Solution-Focused Coaching: University of Toronto, Ontario Canada
  • Improvement and Coaching Kata. Building Competitive Advantage with Lean: University of Michigan College of Engineering
  • TRIZ Problem Solving & Innovation: Technical Innovation Center, Worcester, MA 
  • Lean Six Sigma: BIC Corporation, Charlotte, NC 
  • Teachable Moments, Advanced Facilitation: High 5 Adventure, Brattleboro, VT

Published Work

  • Cardus, M. “Solution Focused Coaching: An approach for resolving employee complaints” The Journal of Quality and Participation April 2016. Vol 39, No. 1
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