Team Tune-Up

Your team will learn about, experience, reflect on, and practice being a high-performing team. They create new habits, behaviors, techniques, and processes that can be used immediately.

What is it?

An interactive team coaching and consulting process that looks at the team’s tasks, members, and the team as a whole leads to resonant, high-performance teams producing profitable results.

Why does it matter?

Often, teams need a tune-up. They need to get together and learn from the experience and knowledge in the room and have fun together.

What are the areas of focus?

  1. Team Building
  2. Understanding how others prefer to work and communicate
  3. Identifying how to evaluate what works within a team

How will you make progress?

  1. Increased ability to work together as a team
  2. Strengthened communications within the team
  3. Enhanced collaboration, such as information sharing and best practices, within the team
  4. Respect for the experience, diversity, and talents of team members and people in other departments
  5. Having fun as a team

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