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Team meetings we all know them, sit through them and find some effective and some a total waste of time.

Prior to team meetings it is the manager or team leader (the person who called the meeting) who is responsible to frame the context of the meeting taking place.

There are three major types of content for a team meeting;

  • First: Everyone’s providing current information
  • Second: Discussions out of which the manager will make a decision
  • Third: Brainstorming discussions for exploration of difficult problems, without a decision made.


All three are important and have their utility. Determine which of the three your meeting will be and inform the people in the meeting.

Each type provides the manager and the team members the opportunity to work together in the proper role relationship. The manager must encourage involvement of the team members in the context of accountability of team members to advise and share their views about issues, and what ought to be done from their perspective.


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