“The Gods do not quarrel about length and weight of such matters, but about good and justice. Where there are acceptable criteria (rules of measurement for instance) for settling disputes wars are unlikely. But where there are apparently insolvable disagreements, involving appeal to differing standards, might may seem the only way that can make right”  Socrates point in Euthyphro (7b-d)

Examine conflicts and agreements currently within your teams. As a rule of measurement, has an acceptable criterion been established?

Was the measurement of quality work and time frame agreed in actions and words? or Are you attempting to force your might to make right upon the teams’ systems.

Do you have conflicts and a feeling that we must force our will to make them understand then examine what rules of measurement (metrics, performance evaluations, systemic processes, behavior, normative culture, etc.) are clearly defined and measured?

Once the acceptance criteria are established, disputes can be held to the standards created, and then team members can avoid conflicts and remain valid.

What sources of criteria are you using?

What criteria are implicit, and what is explicit?

How do you know that your implicit criteria are the same as others’ unspoken rules?