Me – Walk me through how the delegation project went.
Sam – I do not know where to start
Me – where are you feeling the strongest? What steps are you moving towards?
Sam – Steps! This has been happening for so long, and I cannot act until it is perfect
Me – when will you know it is perfect?
Sam – once I can understand the reasons that my team is acting this way.
Me – Act in what way?
Sam – ways that are not perfect….I am beginning to feel apathetic towards them, and now I am working greater hours and delegating less.
Me – What is happening to your passion for work?
Sam – Mike, did you not just hear me….I am strangling myself in the apathy of my team!

The conversation goes on – although I am going to stop it for you here.

You can never draw a perfect triangle; no matter how much you try to create the perfect triangle in all its triangle-ness will never be achieved.

And even when you manage to believe you have a perfect triangle it will still not be perfect – because even measuring devices to measure its perfectness are not perfect.

STOP – Believing that perfection is actionable!

So what do you do once you are “Strangled in apathy” you move! You find a step, and you take it – you start and as you progress you build the strength and continue.

You have to start somewhere – why not now?
If you are happy with Apathy then be happy alone….
It is time to supply yourself with the oxygen you need to breathe and start building upon the passions that move success forward in a succession loop and break the doom loop off from the trap that apathy creates.

It is a very good time to breath and put the “I’ back into “team.”

Step 1) Identify the conflict
Step 2) Identify your strengths
Step 3) Do something.