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It started as an experiment.

But then it happened…after two years and over 65,000 followers he’s grown his company UnMarketing to new levels!

He has a #1 best selling book!  But it’s not just the book that is what’s important.  It’s what’s inside it.  What he’s learned on his journey in using social media to help grow and build his business.

This isn’t just a boring old book tour where Scott is going to sit at a table and sign your book.

Scott is coming to Buffalo!  He will be making a  stop on his tour getting to know us and sharing with us what he has learned!

It won’t just be Scott speaking!  You are going to hear Robin Wilson speaking about foursquare and how Buffalo can utilize this amazing marketing tool to direct traffic to your business! 

And ME!

Speaking about

When Ideas have sex. What do the babies look like?

Michael Cardus Innovation Speaker & trainer

This will an experiential exploration into;

  • Creativity to Innovation
  • Idea creation
  • How social media can create stronger, healthier ideas
  • How social media can create weaker, sicker ideas
  • Techniques ideas use to evolve through living systems

You will leave my talk with;

  • Knowledge of where ideas generate
  • How to apply creative ideas to innovative solutions
  • Knowledge of how ideas evolve
  • Which ideas to nurture and which to cull
  • How to apply these fledgling ideas into marketing success for your business, and your-self

Get your tickets, invest the $27 in your brand or your business!

UnBook tour Tickets are available here.


image by by je@n