team building and leadership expert michael cardus


Your perception, anticipation and interpretation of what work should be completed and the level of competency that should be present in order to complete the work.

Expectations are views and perceptions.


Capability is a function of the necessary complexity of mental processing as affected by the values required for commitment to the role, and the required skilled knowledge for the role.

Capabilities are defined for the role you are in. Meaning that in order to be successful in this role, you must already have the ability to handle the complexity of thinking and planning for that role, aligned values of the work that must get completed for continued commitment to the role, and already have the necessary skilled knowledge for success.


Judgment is a function of expectations & capabilities.

People are in constant adjustment of judging their own and other capabilities in reference to their own expectations of how the work should get done, and how capable plus what capabilities are required to be successful.

Where do you fit?

How well defined is your role? Do you have a clear and distinct understanding of the expectations management, peers, customers, etc… have of your work?

What capabilities are required to be successful in your role?