The future of our leadership and organizational teams depend upon the current focus on education and students. This video illustrates the number of students who will be in need of team membership, innovation, and leadership focus as they enter the workforce.

Boredom is causing students to drop out of High School? Is this a people problem, a situation problem, a systemic problem?

It is a problem that the workforce should be thinking, talking, and focusing on.



came across this video from my friend Michael Fisher and his blog DigiGogy. Mike wrote in reference to education reform;

I think it would be easy to say that our problems are the result of environmental factors that we can’t control, or parents that won’t participate, or an increase in violent activity among youth, or even just laziness–on the part of the students and the teachers.  I don’t really think that’s true, though.  There might be a fear of trying new strategies which risk the loss of instructional time, or limited information around research based instructional strategies that WILL work in a classroom.  Whatever the reason, we need to get more analytical about our practices, see what we need to keep and what we need to cut.  Our obligation here isn’t education for those that we might deem deserving of it, our obligation is education for all…read post


michael cardus is create-learning