Planning for 2010 ASQ Buffalo Lean Six Sigma Conference here is a pragmatic checklist for a Project Team Leader to select the best person to be on the project team.


Team Leader Guidelines:

How to select the Right Project Team Members

Key Principle

Team leaders ensure that the work gets done, it is not their responsibility to actually do all the project work. The main reason for having a project team is that each member brings something important to the project, so the work can be divided among contributing members. 


< > Consider including a combination of people who:

  • have detailed knowledge of the target process.
    have the technical skills requires to complete the project.
    can build commitment and buy-in to the project and its outcomes by virtue of being involved from the start.

< > Identify the main activities of the project and ensure that you have the right people to handle them

< > Look in the workgroup of the target process and ensure those closest to the work are represented.

< > Consider support groups (HR, IT, Marketing, etc…) whose buy-in you will eventually need.

< > Ensure finance is involved, even if not on the core team.

< > Include member who can represent internal and external customers and suppliers.


From Rath & Strong’s Six Sigma Team Pocket Guide.




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