Highly effective leaders are able to develop the structure that will allow people to be effective. Focusing on developing the skill base and the ability to construct systems, make decisions and solve problems within a time span.

Bob Sutton wrote the following;

…connecting management to leadership, there was an implicit and I think inaccurate assumption that there are single magical leaders who can do everything.  This is called the romance of leadership, something researchers have studied a lot and I write about in Good Boss, Bad Boss.  The best bosses –and the best companies, including the best boards — don’t fall prey to this cognitive error and look for an all powerful and flawless CEO who can do everything. Rather they look for a boss who can build and properly lead a team with the right range and balance of skills.

One key component of high level leadership is the ability to put together this team with the right range and balance of skill, while ensuring that the structure and skill sets that people contain are being properly utilized.

To develop the right range and balance of skills people and teams need both skill based and people based training combined with the ability to display their;

  • Potential capability
  • Values and commitment
  • Skilled knowledge.

When these three areas are in combination the team & leader (team, organizational, personal) are utilizing with their fullest extent the ability to solve problems, make decisions, and exercise good judgment + leadership within a time span that gets results.



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