Leadership Development Process

Within Create-Learning’s Leadership Programs, people learn the emotional, organizational, and professional skills to be the leader that people look to as the reason to remain with your organization.

Create-Learning’s Leadership Programs are focused on your existing and future leaders to ensure the greatest return on investment. Time, length, and focus are customized to best serve your needs. Within the programs actual examples and case studies from your organization are used to develop the leadership of your organization.

The mix of learning simulations, personality profiles, 360 degree feedback processes, organizational leadership examples and the knowledge shared by the participants make this leadership program able to supply your people with immediate skills, practices and techniques that can be utilized within their teams, organizations, home lives and communities. This leads to trusted leaders, increased effectiveness of work teams, increased ability to leverage available time and team members’ time, increased retention of team members, and maximization of the use of resources and staffing.

Leadership Outcomes

Leaders are able to reflect upon their own behaviors and able to adjust accordingly based upon what team and whom they are leading. They gain the ability to:

  • Properly implement process and people leadership
  • Use effective tools for the measurement of team effectiveness
  • Understand when, how to, and why to use tools for the measurement of team effectiveness
  • Develop employees and understand when and how to place people on high functioning teams
  • Establish and guide team processes
  • Use effective skills, and techniques to coach all team members
  • Coach and re-focus underperforming team members
  • Ability to maximize team time together


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