Team Building & Leadership

Meeting with a client to discuss facilitation of over 300 employees at a retreat she asked,

“Mike, in our company we are smart and well educated and some people will feel that this touchy feely stuff is of no use. How do you involve those people into the program? How do you get them to participate?”

In large groups of people, everyone participates in my programs.

At the time my answer was “I create an environment where it is their choice to participate at the level they feel comfortable.”

As the words were coming out of my mouth they felt in-adequate.

Plus the response is to “I” focused.

This has led to hours, days of reflection and personal inquiry into my program design and facilitation of large groups.

So, here is the question:

How do you design and create an environment where all people participate? Whether it is one on one, in small groups, large groups, organizational wide, international, etc…

Share your thoughts and ideas…



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