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On my facebook page I posted this status update;

Tonight’s take away – when someone else is talking about what they learned and how they can apply it. SHUT UP! and let them speak. Your solution and ideas mean NOTHING to the person speaking. We all have to apply lessons through our own context. Your context means nothing to me.


This weeks inquiry;

  • How do you listen?
  • How do you know when someone is listening to you?
  • What does it feel like to be listened too?
  • Why is that important? What else?
  • In what ways might you influence others to listen?
  • If you listened more, what would that look like?


michael cardus is create-learning

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The Exponent Leadership Process develops and teaches effective listening for communication skills.

All managerial work is achieved through communication with others. There are multiple communication skills, the most valuable of which is active listening. Learning includes: the relationship between effective communication and trust, and understanding and mastering a conversational model that builds the skill of active listening.