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This week I have been thinking about the small things. The daily interactions and conversations, the passing glances and phrases, the conversations and reactions in meetings.

  • It is the daily interactions that build organizational effectiveness.
  • It is the daily interactions that build high-performance teams.
  • It is the daily interactions that engage employees.
  • It is the daily interactions that build trust.

When working with organizations, teams, and managerial-leaders we start with goals. These goals are often fuzzy and not really clear. As we continue to explore and dive-deep into ‘what does the end look like? what are people doing that they perhaps aren’t doing now? how will you know?’ the small things surface.

On to the inquiry:

How much attention is paid to the small things?

  • Choose one long-term goal you are working on.
  • How will the larger team or organization be different once that goal is achieved?
  • In what ways will customers (internal or external) be impacted by the goals achievement?
  • Take that goal and now go micro…what are 2 small things that will be different?
  • How will you know those small things are impacted?
  • If I was to observe your team and you after the achievement of the goal what small things would I notice?
  • How can your small interactions with the team impact for good/bad your progress?
  • In what way might you improve tour chances of the goal being achieved, while still maintaining a team who wants to work with you?
  • How can others contribute in small ways, to the goal?
  • Can you make that clear?
Pay attention to the small things, they add up.