Team Building and leaderhip expert michael cardusI have been helping businesses with their interview and hiring processes. Creating role descriptions and exactly what competencies a candidate must have in order to be successful in the job. Doing this requires a method to determine a persons Current Actual Capability, what they can actually do and if they can handle the level of work required. Yet before that the Manager, the Manager’s Manager and the hiring team MUST define clear and distinctly what competencies are required to fill the role, and develop questions + a method to do just that.

Luckily a friend Tom Foster, recommended this great book to me that has an excellent frame-work – “Hiring 3.0 New Rules For The New Economy” by Barry Shamis.

This weeks inquiry is interviewing for interpersonal behaviors. Interpersonal behaviors are once of the areas that are needed within teams, the person must have the required skills that are needed to complete the work. Here are some possible questions;

  1. What was your key contribution to the team? (Teamwork)
  2. How have you kept your projects on track? (Flexibility)
  3. Describe the last time you went above and beyond to help a customer? (Initiative)
  4. How did you get the team to work together? (Leadership)
  5. How did you get the machine up and running? (Problem-Solving)
  6. How did you make certain you understood the customers concern? (Listening)