Leadership Development is dependent upon capacities for accomplishing goals.


I have been thinking about capacity. Capacity in reference to setting and accomplishing goals, capacity in work-load, capacity in ability to learn.

With all of the above thought – I return to inquire & reflect if capacity is something that is innate (with us before/at birth) or deduced (learned through interactions and practice)…

Intelligence IQ is thought to be innate your intelligence is what you got and stays rather steady throughout your life. Additionally I think something like capacity to lift heavy weights is innate in you DNA. With a small frame I will only be able to lift weights up to a certain weight. With a larger frame my capacity for lifting weights increases.

When it comes to capacity in time-span for thinking, planning and accomplishing goals I vacillate from innate to deduced. Which is tough for me because, I reject innatism! 

And when I think about different people with the same up-bringing, education, learning opportunities, etc… I can see one person can plan, speak, set & accomplish goals 3 sometimes 5 years out. Then the other person who had a strikingly similar background, education, upbringing, etc… can only plan, speak, set & accomplish goals 1day sometimes 1month out. 

So the question this week is;

Goal accomplishment in time-frames – innate ability? If so how did this capacity (innateness) get there? Who, how, why is it placed within our minds and thinking from birth? Plus if it is innate then you must show that it could not have been brought about any other way.


Goal accomplishment in time-frames – deduced ability? If so how can we explain two people raised in the same household, by the same parents, went to the same schools, etc…, etc… having different capacities to accomplish, plan, and define goals and tasks within those goals.


Comment, share, pontificate, lets move closer to understanding together.


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