In the beginning of programs I am nervous, anxious, sometimes sweaty and people stare at me – this is why I like to get the focus off of me as soon as possible. I know that my job is to make teams and leaders better and I know that the first 30-60 seconds of a program or speech makes or breaks my time.  I have been presenting workshops for over 18 years now – I still get sweaty, nervous, anxious and incredibly giddy.

Here are some questions I ask people to think about and answer either in their heads, with a partner or with their existing team. Sometimes I ask people to share their responses with me, sometime I don’t.

  • In the past when involved in interactive facilitative programs what was successful for you to learn and find value in the program?
  • On a scale of 0 – 10 where would you rank your confidence in your team to make you successful?
  • What would things be like if you were 1 step higher on that scale?
  • For you to leave here saying that this was worth your time, what must be accomplished?

What do you do to bring your confidence when you speak in front of a group?