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Listening to WBFO, my local NPR station…January 11 2011 Edition of Fresh Air there was an interview with Amy Chua, who authored the book, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” in this book she speaks of the differences in what she calls “Western” vs. “Chinese” parenting.

During the interview, which was great and you should listen, Chua is  talking about self-esteem and how she was able to raise very self-sufficient, talented children with high self-esteem.

What she said has  been bouncing inside my head “Self-Esteem comes from actually doing something.”

Self Esteem Comes From Actually Doing Something

We all know this and can agree. Yet why do we so often just stop doing things when they are hard, or challenging or no longer fun?

Why do we say “self-esteem is so important” then allow ourselves, our children, our employees, our leadership, our managers, our parents, our friends, our participants, etc… an accepting “I understand you are busy and that new thing is tough…so go ahead and stop doing it.”

Then be amazed because they are lethargic, apathetic and cannot complete tasks, assignments, conversations, or even be resilient to challenges?




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