The Exponent Leadership Process develops and teaches effective listening for communication skills.

All managerial work is achieved through communication with others. There are multiple communication skills, the most valuable of which is active listening. Learning includes: the relationship between effective communication and trust, and understanding and mastering a conversational model that builds the skill of active listening.

Team Building, Innovation, Team Building Expert Michael Cardus

Having a degree in Philosophy leads me to enjoy challenging discussions and argument about topics that many people are passionate about.

Facilitating Team Building & Leadership programs people in teams have very, very strong beliefs that often do not match with other’s beliefs and sometimes are not rooted in any reality at all.

Inevitably in both situations emotions happen.

When I am with philosophy friends this is enjoyable, challenging and questioning and working together to find the Truth. This Truth can be found through discussions and the occasional shock to what you thought was right, and have not really thought much about. When you see your Philosophy friend getting flustered because they are beginning to have no further logic for their argument you continue to talk. Have a ‘discourse’ where you both enter into the conversation not to win or lose, but to see how together you can learn and discover new intellect.

THIS IS NOT TRUE with everyone and I tend to forget that.

Other people are entitled to their beliefs, opinions, ideas, etc.. even if they are wrong. And they don’t want to enter into a challenging discussion to discover new intellect or ideas.

I am sure that you have been there (on either end) it generally ends in someone being called an ASSHOLE and hurt or ruined friendships, relationship, etc…

On to the inquiry – Learning and talking with the other person even with yourself when someone does not agree with you, or they are holding onto deeply held beliefs and ideas. Being a dick is not going to change anything. It will only go to reinforce the belief.

Try saying this;

Wow! We see this differently, tell me more about your idea?

Then LISTEN, and ask more questions to better understand their ideas.

Following that they may listen to you, if they don’t want to, that is alright WALK AWAY and end it.