Completing an orientation packet for a Medical College Team Building & Leadership Program…that is going to be amazing! and I cannot wait to share information and photos.


Distracted by looking through photos….here is one of my recent favorites:

Team Building & Leadership

The excitement is that this leadership team is discussing & charting organizational perceptions and their individual interpretations. Focusing on increasing the talent, (opposed to dumbing down skills).


Experiential learning, team building, active learning simulations whatever you call them are only effective when people can talk and build skills to increase organizational and personal efficacy and skills.


 Here are some questions you can help me with;

What has been your experience with “team-building” facilitators and companies? was it worth your time and investment? if so how? if not why?

If you hired me and my services feel free to be honest in the comments…you can be anonymous.

How does your perception of team-building affect the outcomes and experience?

What role does the facilitator play in your outcomes of team building?



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