Tom Foster of Management Skills has been an inspiration of mine.

Check out this great post, Lifelong Learning, he wrote explaining the different stratums of training and skill development within service based industries.

Understanding of time frame and skill capabilities of people within an organization is necessary for leadership. Once leaders comprehend the various Stratums of training & development within the time frames, a greater match of person to accountabilities is established.

Tom illustrates using Elliot Jacques “Requisite Organization” the learning and technical needs of people within an organization according to their time span range.

here is a short clip from the post…click here to read the more.

Training and skill development is the typical playground for corporate training departments. Understanding Time Span helps us add another dimension directed to the development of personal effectiveness.

Skill development has two sides to it. Side one is a piece of technical knowledge. If the skill is to effectively throw a ball, there is some technical knowledge that must be acquired. What shape is the ball? Round or oblong? What is the size of the ball? Does the ball have seams? Is the ball thrown overhand or underhand? What sport is the ball used in?