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  • Overcome challenges.
  • Identify current problems and issues.
  • Make sustainable progress.

What the SOLVED Cards will
help you identify.

What’s working and how to do more of it.

What’s not working and how to stop it.

A time when the problem didn’t exist and what was happening then.

How SOLVED cards work.

Learn about the SOLVED Method.


Every solution requires defining the situation first – taking time to discover what’s happening that you don’t like, and what you’d like to have happen instead.


Coachees take the role of observer which makes them able to separate themselves from the problem and think about how others would solve the problem.


People are often very surprised to see how far they’ve come. These questions illustrate success and then guide the path for the Coachee to determine next steps. Leveling questions leads to progress.


People are often unable to recognize the success they’ve achieved up to this point, and this stage of question validation enables them to see progress.


There’s always an exception to the rule. Just like there’s always been a time when Coachees were already using the solution they’re actively seeking – even if only a bit.

Decision & Direction

The path to solutions is built upon layering small steps – steps small enough for progress to be built, while still allowing time to use each level for learning.

The Solution-Focused approach is not an exercise in positive thinking and hiding from problems. It is about purposeful thinking to better understand what we need to do to make changes, and then actually doing it.

Alan Kay

Fry the Monkeys: Create a Solution

It is the client who owns the problem and the solution. My job is to create a relationship in which the client can get help. It is not my job to take the client’s problems onto my own shoulders, nor is it my job to offer advice and solutions in a situation that I do not live in myself.

Edgar Schein

Become a master of overcoming challenges.

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