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Was talking with a friend, lets call him Jake…Jake wants to change his career (Jake has changed careers because he thought it would make him “Happier” several times in the past 10 years we have been friends.)

In our discussion – Jake said he wanted to be a Crime Scene Investigator. Currently Jake is a 47 year old non-profit director of residential care.

I asked what made him think he is qualified for being a crime scene investigator and why he wants to do this now? To which he responded with


Mike why can’t you just be happy for me?”

Here is my response.

Being happy for you and wanting to see you be successful are two VERY different things.

1. I am happy for you; Everything you do and choice you make I am happy for. You are an amazing person, with passion, and pursuit.

The challenge is Jake; When will you be happy with you?

2. Seeing you be successful is different than being happy for you.

What is that? what will make you successful? Explain the why and the implications.

Success comes from defining the why, and how? Why a Crime Scene Investigator? Why now? What will be different? How will your interactions with people be more successful? What small things will you notice in your daily routine that tell you this has been achieved? How will staff treat you?

Jake, I am a person who believes in you and wants to see you live on purpose, and not just live on what you feel is right now.
I am always happy for you.

What are you looking for? what is a successful, Jake?


Remember that being successful won’t necessarily bring happiness, and happiness does not mean you are successful.

Defining success comes from defining the why and how of your success. How do you define personal and professional success?

Would like to know?


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