How to Determine the Basics of the Company and Your work

Organization Design is the foundation of the company and how you operate day to day to accomplish work. With pressure the foundational cracks become more apparent and enlarge. Leaving everyone to do the best they can while their work and capacity to improve the company is crumbling around them.

With This Many Management Layers I am Surprised we Get Any Work Done

Companies look for a quick fix creating management positions, they really believe will help. When it backfires and creates more problems. They don’t look at what caused the problem, improper organizational design, they throw training at it hoping for more quick fixes.


Under-employment is being caged or confined to do work that does not allow you to use your full capability ( Current-Actual-Capability ) within the tasks assigned. It is generally manifested through a person having “bigger ideas” and application of the work and seeing connections for improvement being told “That is not your job, stay in your area and do what you are told.”