When Ideas Have Sex, What do the babies look like?

Knowledge of where ideas generate
How to apply creative ideas to innovative solutions
Knowledge of how ideas evolve
Which ideas to nurture and which to cull
How to apply these fledgling ideas into marketing success for your business, and your-self

Social Marketing for Team Building. Listen to the Recording

Stop Marketing & Start Sharing click the link above to hear a recording of the talkā€¦it is FREE. A tele-conference I co-facilitated with Tom Heck, President & Founder of the International Association of TeamWork Facilitators IATF.   Some things covered; Explore the pros and cons of Blogs, Websites, FaceBook, Twitter and maybe LinkedIn for marketing … Continued

Stop Marketing & Start Sharing: Social Media Workshop

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Four techniques to re-brand and market existing products and processes you already have.
A clear understanding of the necessary steps to create a change of your marketing and sharing in the following steps: 1) Vision, 2) Skills, 3) Incentives, 4) Resources, 5) Action Plan
Understanding of why giving stuff away for free elevates your brand and you to expert status; and can get you more people to serve (and profit from it!).