Asking questions is a valuable leadership skill

Asking questions is a valuable leadership skill, and it trips you up. Some challenges that I’ve heard other leaders say about asking questions: What questions do I ask? I’m not sure that they are meaningful enough. But, I know how to solve the problem – why wouldn’t I tell them what to do? I feel … Continued

SOLVED solution-focused coaching example

A client who was using the SOLVED solution-focused cards called me and had some questions. He was not sure how to use the cards in coaching himself through a challenge. That presented an opportunity for us to use the SOLVED coaching process and see what happens. The image above is the six SOLVED questions he randomly … Continued

Solution Focused to create a shared goal

It has proven very useful to invest enough time for the definition of the goal. The more you talk about it, the clearer and more relevant it becomes. It is important to be very concrete when it comes to team goals and future actions.

6 Steps to Turn a Problem Into a Solution

Often when we encounter a problem we think we need to discover the “why”. We need to dig and chase and determine just “why we have this problem?”
Chasing the why does not create a solution
Here are 6 steps to turn a problem into a solutions.

Finding Solutions Through the Resolution of Guilt – Skeleton Keys

Our guilt and concern for what happened in the past may block progress to find a solution. The resolution of guilt Skeleton Key may be used to have the person determine what will be happening when this guilt is lessened or no longer exists. From this change in focus, new solutions may become evident.

The Team is Struggling What do we do NOW?

Sometimes focusing on now is what you need to get through your past and future. Plus if someone on the team did not ask, What do we do now? it may have had a different outcome.

The Observer Question

Have you ever wondered, why do we care what someone who is watching us thinks? Especially when it’s someone close like a spouse or loved one. Possibly someone who has control over your work, like your manager or subordinate.