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Team Building & Leadership Situation Appraisal:

The program is for the leadership and executive staff. They could benefit from greater knowledge of personal strengths and talents, as well as the strengths and talents of the other leaders. Developing a focus on inter & intra-department collaboration for increased and continued successful operation in serving staff, customers, and stake holders.

Providing the leadership team with skills, tools, and facilitation that will allow them to find strengths within themselves, their department, other departments and the organization.

While exploring these strengths discussions and process development of existing customer and stakeholder interactions will evolve and create increased staff and customer satisfaction and retention.

This Leadership & Teambuilding program will serve as an opportunity for the team members to discuss their roles and facilitate a discussion to gain clarity on areas and steps to improve the One Team feeling and communication / collaboration amongst the new and existing team members.

Team Building & Leadership Objectives:


  • Knowledge of personal leadership & leadership styles of others + how that affects the company culture.
  • Develop a process to strengthen communication within and between departments
  • Develop a process to strengthen collaboration (information sharing, best practices) within and between departments.
  • Respect for the experience, diversity and talents of team members and departments
  • Develop an action plan to transfer ideas and skills gained from program into existing company culture

Value to the Company team from the program:

  • Leaders with knowledge and self reflection to adjust behaviors to those whom they are serving and leading. Enabling people to do their best work
  • Increased morale within the team
  • Strengthened and new friendships amongst team members
  • Increased collaboration amongst people and departments on projects and decisions within the organization
  • Empathy and understanding of the other people‚Äôs positions and job pressures.

Team Building & Leadership Methodology for Program

Participants will be facilitated through simulations and discussions focused on;

  • Appreciation of other departments and individuals to determine strengths of self and team members.
  • Use of tonal abilities and emotional intelligences when communicating to others
  • Effective steps when involved in collaborative projects within departments
  • Effective steps when involved in collaborative projects between departments

Completing the program with action lists and items that the people and departments can use to begin to implement the learning and ideas gained from the program.

Each participant will take an on-line Team Dimensions Profile;

The Team Dimensions Profile will help the participants understand the way they prefer to work. The profile identifies the following five team roles; Creators, Advancers, Refiners, Executors, Flexors.

The Team Dimensions Profile works by;

  • Matching individual strength with team roles
    Building team unity
    Fostering innovation
    Shortening Project Cycle Time
    Reducing Conflict

Complementing the Team Dimension Profile Create-Learning will lead content based experiential-facilitated discussions and simulations to connect the relevance of team membership and leadership reflection to the workplace.

The participants will have an understanding of;

  • Successful resolution of team conflict
  • How to delegate and ensure commitment of responsibilities to team members
  • How to determine team member strengths and weaknesses




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