What people are saying about my interactive Speaking Programs;

“Mike gave us the confidence to believe we would not have any bad experiences and would totally enjoy the day – and we did! Mike’s intuition and insight to team dynamics had each of us profit from the day – individually and as a team. All of us experienced growth by the way he wrapped up each exercise relating our hands on experience to the mechanics of our office/team.”

-State Farm

“Michael Cardus is fabulous, full of energy and insight. His workshop made everything so much clearer to me, and empowered me to take full responsibility for my actions. He made me understand that I really have been on the right track all along, that what I think and what I feel and what I have to contribute is important. Thanks Michael for a great workshop!”

Triple-Track: Work-Life Jam Session

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Some Speeches that I have delivered in the past;

    • How Teams Develop
      An interactive exploration into the five stages of team development
    • Leading Through the Fear – Breaking the Bubble
      Many individuals who are promoted to positions of leadership have little to no leadership experience and training. This can cause a fear-based, authoritarian leadership style, which we do not consider a healthy leadership philosophy. The presentation offers the cure to fear-based leadership.
    • Your Reality Is Impacting My Prosperity
      An exploration of how we have both positive and negative impact on our communities, organizations, teams, and selves.
    • Putting the “I” Back in “Team”
      Creating a deeper pool of shared understanding: this increases team members’ ability to be trusting and accountable.
    • Reaction: Learning: Behavior: Results
      Learning about Kirkpatrick’s evaluation process improves your internal and external customer service.
    • What Makes You Relevant, and How Do You Know?
      Finding happiness in your work is achieved through defining and measuring your relevance. This presentation will show you how to do that.
    • From Creativity to Innovation
      Developing creative ideas and putting them into practice.
    • Purposeful Brainstorming to Solve Problems
      Group facilitation of brainstorming models designed to generate many ideas and then converge on the best, more actionable ones.
    • Experiential Theory
      Determining how we learn from experience, defining what experience is, and exploring the models for experiential learning.
    • Opening Playnote
      Experiential beginnings and focused networking used in opening meetings.

More great experiences;

“Michael is a gem in a field of trainers; he truly stands out, bringing his own brand of passion and enthusiasm to each individual training situation. Whether you have team building needs or training within a specific area, Michael dedicates his time and extensive training knowledge, translating your ideas into active, experience-based learning to ultimately achieve your organization’s desired goals.”

Janine Tramont
Business Development & Special Programs
University at Buffalo School of Management
Buffalo, NY

“Over the last few years, Just for Kids Before and After School Programs has partnered with Create-Learning Team Building numerous times, from new staff orientations and trainings to on-site programming with the kids at our various After School Programs.
Mike competently involves children and adults alike in experiential activities, and knowledgably guides participants along with activities building on newly developed skills.  He can troubleshoot with the best of them, and his out-of-the-box thinking lends a hand to intriguing and engaging both kids and staff.  When planning our staff trainings, Mike can be counted on to provide a level of insight, creativity, and professionalism that is difficult to match!   We look forward to our next opportunity to work with him.”

Kristina Capozzi, M.A./C.A.S.
Director, School Age Programs, Just For Kids
Williamsville, NY

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