Team Membership Program

Utilizing the Team Dimensions Profile

The Team membership program will help the participants understand the way they prefer to work.

This is accomplished by the participants gaining insight to work from their strengths by identifying their most natural team role while giving them an appreciation for the contribution of others.

The profile identifies the following five team roles; Creators, Advancers, Refiners, Executors, Flexors. After the team defines their roles examination of a profile map for assigning roles, completing tasks and handing off tasks to other team members through the “Z Process” is discovered. In this relay process tasks are passed from Creators to advancers, from advancers to refiners, and from refiners to executors – flexors fill in the gaps to keep the process moving forward.

The team will have a common language and understanding of a process to

  • innovate
  • problem-solve
  • reduce cycle time (Process Improvement)
  • understanding and capitalizing on individual approaches to group processes to develop high-performance results

The Team Dimensions Profile works by;

• Matching individual strength with team roles
• Building team unity
• Fostering innovation
• Shortening Project Cycle Time
• Reducing Conflict

Complementing the Team Dimension Profile Create-Learning will lead content based experiential-facilitated discussions and simulations to connect the relevance of team membership and leadership reflection to the team and workplace.

The participants will have an understanding of;

  • Successful resolution of team conflict
  • How to delegate and ensure commitment to responsibilities to team members
  • How to determine team member strengths and weaknesses