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     Work is about good judgment and decision-making. It is NOT about doing what we already know so well that we can do it automatically without thinking, such as carrying out a lists of calculations. Any computer can do that. 

     Work is about pondering, wondering, uncertainty, choosing to do this rather than that at critical decision points, starting with choosing one pathway rather than another within the general method specified to be used, and continuing to use judgment in overcoming obstacles until the goal is reached. No computer can make such choices, because it is not the computers that really choose!

(Jaques & Clement; Executive Leadership 1994)

Work is about using your discretion to make decision that are not route in the application.

If you are a manager you must supply tasks and get out of the way of the people who make decisions, so they can make decision. If you think that, they are not capable of making decisions. Then it is your responsibility to coach, mentor, train them to increase skill, knowledge and abilities to make decisions using judgment. 

If you are a staff member, it is your responsibility to seek and make decisions using good judgment. Find and determine what tasks, and areas of accountability that you can make decisions about.

Work is remaining within the regulations and policies (…within the general method specified to be used) set by management, state, government, authoritative bodies, etc… And interpreting how to best apply and the application to the choice that you must make.

This is what you are paid for

Now get to work.



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