Strategic Planning Buffalo NY Create Learning Team Building and Leadership

Before we begin the process of Strategic Planning, I like to meet with several key people within the organization.

I try to ask several to all the questions below doing my best to document the responses.

From the responses and how much overlap or separation I understand we can then develop the best way to co-create a strategic plan for the organization.

24 pre-strategic planning questions
  1. What have you done in the past with strategic planning that pleased you the most?
  2. How did you determine what worked and did not work from those plans?
  3. What is the longest goal (what-by-when) that the CEO is accountable for?
  4. What is the longest goal that the Senior Management team is accountable for?
  5. What is currently working well within the organization – that can be left alone?
  6. Describe trends you see in the industry? How will we evaluate those trends and which do we need to be in front of?
  7. Who will be a part of this planning process?
  8. The people who are a part of this process, what will be their role?
  9. How much creative dissonance vs. resonance are you seeking?
  10. What areas of the company are distinct/unique/special?
  11. How long will this plan be?
  12. Who can I talk with to understand the agency better?
  13. What do you feel was the best part of your past/current strategic plan? Worst part?
  14. How will we track progress/regress?
  15. Forecast your financials? Up – down – stable?
  16. Forecast staffing? Up – down – stable?
  17. Describe the role + accountability you expect from me?
  18. Largest threat or challenge?
  19. On a scale of 0 – 10 with 10 being prepared and 0 being the opposite where are you in reference to this threat/challenge?
  20. What does +2 look like. How will you know? What will be different?
  21. What areas are you willing to let go of, shed, eliminate? What makes you sure those are the areas?
  22. What uncomfortable changes does the agency have to make in the next 5 years?
  23. What is ‘untouchable’ where are those boundaries?
  24. Budget?