Learning from a challenging organization development process

I shared an Organization Development Case Study and outcomes to the Organization Development Network of Western New York. At the end of the workshop, a friend asked, “What did you, as a consultant, learn from your experience with this client?” … Below is my best effort to share what I learned from working with a … Continued

Psychological Safety is Team Building

The team leader is accountable for establishing comfort with the work and team members. They can establish this early by setting the following conditions for team members to feel comfort in the work and reciprocal helping relationship of the team.

Rumors Backstabbing and Gossip in the Workplace

Some teams and managers create environments where backstabbing, shit-talking, and gossiping are the norm.
They do this, with the best of intentions – and are guilty of hiding their eyes, ears and mouths from the reality they are seeing.
You can do something about it.

Experts offer alternatives They cannot make choices about values

Team Building and Leadership Expertise is a challenge to define and understand. It seems that everyone is a thought leader and that all the noise and ideas are equal and useful. I am guilty of pushing lots of noise out into the organization, team and leadership development field. While I try to ensure that what … Continued

Challenges and Opportunities for Work Teams

  Working on and with teams is something you do every day. From ordering supplies, scheduling meetings, to sharing updates and progress. Understanding work teams and how they differ is an important part of your job. There are some foundational truths about teams: Teams work better when the team members know they have a voice … Continued

People Strategy Implementation Cash Understand the organization’s environment

When partnering for progress with an organization, I try to follow some process so I can understand where they are, where I am, and what next step is useful: Organization Development Frame frame the boundaries understand the environment determine what is working determine what is not working respect each person as an expert in their … Continued

Personal Accountability to Change Within a Team

One problem I have with team building assessments is that most of the data gathering and evaluation questions are very passive. It seems as if team building is something that happens to people. As opposed to people being active players in their work life. Working with a Managing Partner in a law firm he shared … Continued

The pablum of executive coaching literature consistently points to setting goals

The pablum of executive coaching literature consistently points to setting goals. The goals of the coach and executive must be measurable, specific, and quantitative. Cherry picking something Peter Drucker Never Said! of “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” It is interesting to read Drucker’s thoughts on this, “Your first role . . … Continued

4 reasons to not announce goals

In the middle of a meeting with an executive leadership team, the COO yells, “we need to state our companies goals clearly, only then can the staff have the motivation to complete their work.”  This is true and not-true at the same time. Much of the leadership development and planning literature states goal setting as if … Continued

8 Uncommon Strategic Planning Steps

Meeting with a client I shared that we will take an uncommon strategic planning approach. They seemed relaxed and concerned at the same time. The uncommon idea is to build the system for identification of weak signals for progress and regress that re-focuses the strategy. You cannot plan for strategy. You can plan how you … Continued