Tools and Techniques for effective team leadership.
Whether you have the title of leader or not you can learn something.

With the idea of leadership being a philosophy of the individual, many individuals have a limited idea of what and how to improve their team leadership. This workshop will highlight 3 areas for leaders to do more than engage their teams in projects. These 3 steps will empower those who lead teams, as well as those who are not necessarily in the position of leader to determine ways to internally motivate and gain the full passion of those whom they lead.

Step 1) Who are you? Covering the topic of truly knowing your team members. Taking the time to discover their passions and motivations.
Step 2) Why are we doing this? Techniques to illustrate to the team whom they are serving and what their work does to help the community and serve those other than themselves and their management.
Step 3) How am I doing? Techniques to create immediately measurable goals and outputs of productivity.  


This is a Leadership Development Workshop that I have been working and adjusting for 3 years now. The foundation is taken from Patrick Lencioni and his book “3 Signs of a Miserable Job”. Plus credit given to Tom Foster and his Management Skills Blog, for the communication and feedback loop illustrations used. Also Keith Ayers and his book “Engagement is not Enough”.


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Michael Cardus is Create-Learning