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Content from my upcoming American Standard for Quality: Lean Six Sigma Conference workshop;

Developing : Leading : Being Part of Effective 6 Sigma Teams


Is Your Data Persuasive?

[ ] Relevant: You’re presenting data that the person cares about and can do something about.

[ ] User-Friendly: You’re presenting data in multiple forms, with pictures where possible, in language that is familiar to the person.

[ ] Easily Verifiable: You’re letting the person know where the data came from, and how/by whom it was collected. (Still better: the person was involved in the collection process.)

[ ] Selective: So that the person will not be overwhelmed, you’ve resisted the urge to include every bit of data you have, and you’ve prepared backup in case it’s necessary.

[ ] In Context: You’ve made it clear to the person how this data fits in what he/she already knows, and have provided points of comparison where available and appropriate.

From Rath & Strong’s Six Sigma Team Pocket Guide.


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