How to Think Differently to Drive Results Day 3 Larkin Building

Working with a team, a manager asked:

Why would a manager or company turn to a team to decide how to complete a task or take a strategic direction rather than having the manager or person who is accountable for leadership do the choosing?

You’ve seen teams succeed and fail. You’ve been a part of teams that were amazing at completing team tasks plus determining strategic direction, and you’ve been on teams that were the opposite.

6 areas where teams are better than individual leaders
  1. A team’s decisions are more likely to represent the wide range of interests within the company better than an individual leader acting alone.
  2. There’s a possibility for more creative solutions from a team of people with different skills, knowledge, perspectives, and information than there would be from any individual leader.
  3. Team members and the people they represent should better understand and be more likely to support company decisions that they have played a role in shaping.
  4. Communication among senior management should be more efficient and aligned because they meet together, as a team, regularly.
  5. Managing a company is too large to be accomplished by any one individual leader; a team can spread the work and ensure that important tasks receive adequate attention.
  6. Serving in a senior management team can provide valuable development and coaching experiences.