Trust happens on purpose within teams.

…it is not an accidental property. People join organizations wanting to be trusted and trust that the team they are on + the leader they are accountable too is;

  • Competent
  • Accountable
  • Honest
  • Aligned with their skills, values and perceptions.

Leaders and teams develop folkloric constructs of “why they behave like they do”

Folkloric Construct = Shared stories within an organization / team / community, that are perceived as being true.

Trust reciprocates with the person, the team, the organization, the culture, the leader, and all of those explicit and implicit values and commitments to each other and themselves.

Here are 6 Trust behaviors that are quantifiable through observation that will improve team performance;

1. Gives and Shares credit with others for great work and accomplishments.

2. Has competency in the work and learns from personal + others mistakes.

3. Shows compassion for others.

4. Has shared work values with the majority of team members

5. Holds themselves accountable for completing tasks on time.

6. Consistently gives 100% effort to the team and the task they are assigned.


inspired by this post from Brett Simmons blog “Six Trustworthy Signs Someone Needs To Be Booted Off The Team” I just negated his list and made positive trust behaviors.


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