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Showing up prepared and ready to offer your support is valuable in every team. You, the person on the team, are responsible for doing your best work and contributing your ideas, intellect, and expertise.

Here is a list of to-do items that will make you successful working on project teams.


  1. If you hear about a project in your area and want to get involved, volunteer and tell someone about your interest.
  2. If you’ve been selected for the project team and don’t know whyask what is expected of you before the first meeting.
  3. Contact the team leader before the first meeting if you haven’t met the team leader.
  4. If you haven’t seen a draft agenda or team charter, ask the team leader if they have one.
  5. If you have ideas for the agenda and comments on the draft, send them to the team leader before the first meeting.
  6. Discuss with your boss the project time commitments and potential conflicts with your “regular job.”
  7. Before the meeting, note what you might be able to contribute to the team, your role, your goals and expectations relative to this project, and any concerns you may have. Be ready to share this with the team.
  8. C.ome with an open mind and a positive attitude. This will help the team start well and make it a better experience for you and everyone else.


  • From Rath & Strong’s Six Sigma Team Pocket Guide.

image by kevindooley