Team Building & Leadership Expert Michael Cardus

All that can be expected of people at work is to do their best; no more, no less.

The Work of a manager is to serve the staff in doing their best.

One goal was to have all employees operating at a level 3 – I asked the manager Frank to explain a level 3 employee.

His response, “A level 3 employee can complete any and all necessary tasks within the department. Can troubleshoot, and know how to solve all customer needs, essentially a level 3 employee can complete the task work off all the important jobs.

  • Me, “Frank, is anybody at a level 3 right now?
  • Frank, “Yes, Margaret is, she is a real help. I can count on her to take care of challenges when I must be gone, and everyone knows that she is the person to go to.
  • Me, “Frank, do you feel all your staff has the same capability as Margaret?
  • Frank, “What do you mean?
  • Me, “Alright, you have 22 subordinates – right now rank them in capability.
  • Frank, “What, I can’t do that!
  • Me, “Yes, you can take out a piece of paper and start. You said Margaret is at the top, at the bottom, and in the middle – make a list and rank them in order of your judgment. Judgment being capability and your expectations of their work.

Frank went to work making a list, ranking the people who work for him. He changed some in order, although nothing significant.

  • Frank, “Hmm, I never thought it would be that easy.
  • Me, “What was easy about it?
  • Frank, “I intuitively judge their work already, putting them in a list of capabilities, and my expectations show me all the staff’s level of work.
  • Me, “Do all of them have the capability of being a level 3?
  • Frank, “No…and if they all were, much of the work would not get done.
  • Me, “What would happen if they all were level 3, according to your Role Description?
  • Frank, “Those who just cannot think like that will become frustrated, and the people who can operate at a level 3 will feel their work is valued less.
  • Me, “So what can you do?
  • Frank, “Now that I have this ranking order, I can coach and set goals with each person individually so they can work to fill their capability based upon my expectations.
  • Me, “What is so great about that?
  • Frank, “If each person is working as well as they can, meaning they are at their full capability – they are doing their best, and that is all I want as a manager is people to do their best!

All that can be expected of people at work is to do their best

The Work of a manager is to serve the staff in doing their best.

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