Inspirational thought on JUST BE: Do I ever permit myself to simply Be and do nothing? What’s your Point of You?

From the Points of You Facebook 

Recently I had breakfast with a friend Dr. George Hole. While speaking about existentialism, epistemology, and the Philosophy of Coaching. In this discussion George and I explored “Nothingness”. 

Then I read the question above my response is –

The odd thing is that we are nothing…all that we are is the story we tell ourselves this story is constructed and is foundational on nothing. My point of you is that representational realism only allows us to determine representations of those and what’s around you and (qua) you. So you are always being yourself because who else would you be? and that self is only understood by the story you tell and share, which in turn becomes nothing. So one has nothing to do but nothing.

If you are nothing then can you have substance. Your body has matter and is corporeal, so is your brain. Does the fact that you are a corporeal being mean that your thoughts (which are non-corporeal) also have substance. How can ideas have substance. Leading back to what I said earlier that we are the stories we tell ourselves and allow others to hear and see in us.

Foundationally our stories and permitting ourselves to do nothing – returns to the fact that when we remove the stories, ideas, perceptions we have of ourselves and others we are left with nothing. Therefore permission to just Be and do nothing is dependent upon the representation of your story.


  • What story do you tell yourself?
  • In what ways would you change if you changed your story?
  • How might stories of others affect your reality?
  • If you examine your interactions what stories do you hold onto? If you let go of one story what might happen?


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